What to do when your baby has hiccups

Author Philippa Murphy

What to do when your baby has hiccups

Hiccups are your child's natural digestive reflex to expel an overabundance of wind. They are a good thing when they appear, however if your child hiccups a lot daily then this is an indicator that not enough wind is being released for them to be comfortable and learning Nature's Wind Sequence would be highly beneficial for them. Whenever hiccups present themselves I recommend you proceed with these simple steps.

  1. GENTLY move your baby into an extended hold – over the shoulder is good for this, making sure their torso is elongated, but if your newborn is still enjoying the foetal position then obviously don't elongate them too much. I emphasis gently because any sudden movement can stop the hiccups which is not what you want.
  2. The amount of hiccups you release varies of course, as does the amount that will expel air. After a while your baby will become restless while still hiccuping, this can vary from being a little squirmy to being rather upset. This denotes that the hiccups have served their purpose and it's time to cuddle and comfort your baby through the slight discomfort they will now bring.

Digest these facts

While your baby would have released a lot of wind during the hiccups it still won't mean they are wind free.  What it does mean however, is the next burp may take a while for you to release because it is buried deep in the stomach.  Do not feed while your baby has hiccups.  You only run the risk of creating more wind while burying the wind they were trying to relieve – another starter for the behaviours of colic and reflux.

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Last Updated: 07 February 2013