Homeopathy for blocked ducts

Author Philippa Murphy

Homeopathy for blocked ducts

Sulphur 30C

As soon as a lump appears or a reddened area, take one tablet and continue to do so three more times within the first hour.  Then reduce this to two within the next hour, moving to three a day for 24-72 hours dependent on how your breasts are feeling.

You cannot have toothpaste or coffee half an hour either side of taking the remedy, this will stop it from working.  Sulphur will not help if you are already having the symptoms of mastitis which are:

  • headache
  • general aching
  • tiredness
  • a raised temperature
  • sometimes shivers
  • breasts may be tender.
  • you may see a reddened area and feel a lump inside the breast which will be painful to touch

Here's to you avoiding mastitis.

Note: Homeopathy is all about being prescribed something to work with your 'type'. However, there are some plants that will help the same problem for everyone e.g. St Johns Wart. This is one of those remedies. This was taught to me by a highly respected UK Homeopath years ago in my early career and I have used it with all 'types' of people with great results each time. I am not a trained Homeopath but have personally studied it after being intrigued with the results, so do understand how it works.

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Last Updated: 05 August 2014