The Baby Reflux Lady

Author Philippa Murphy

The Baby Reflux Lady


What a name to give someone, huh - The Baby Reflux Lady. But that is what some of the families I have worked alongside sometimes call me, and here’s why. The methods I have learnt over two decades of research and hands on practical care of thousands of newborns now has me stopping Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER or GOR) naturally. Yes, naturally.


By taking another perspective that says, nature didn’t get this wrong. That our newborns are not born with an immature digestive system. That it is us that needs to learn how to nurture alongside all that nature gifts them - no lack. If we respect their natural make-up that our newborns and infants have within the biology of their digestive system, if we care for the in accordance to its natural function then I have found, our babies, our infants, do not have to be suffering through reflux or colic for that matter.

Our babies are not born with an immature digestive system, or a lazy sphincter muscle as is often marketed to parents. The cause is not acid going up the oesophagus. Yes, it is a bi-product of the causes and it can be uncomfortable like it is for us as adults, but it is not the cause itself for all the milk spit up, crying, screaming, back arching, pedalling, not wanting to be put down or put in car seats, or sleep for long periods. No, acid does not cause all of this. So what does?

Last Updated: 15 December 2015